Are Pseudonyms Important?

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While individuals who work inside the field of Internet Marketing really like how much freedom and variety it offers it is still a fact that most of the people who do not work here are more likely to look at it with intensely critical eyes. There are lots of rumors and misconceptions in existence about IM and also the whole internet. While individuals who work in the industry know how respectable and fulfilling it can be at the same time, it poses a problem: do you want to be judged for it in your regular life?

A lot of folks who generate income in Internet Marketing use pseudonyms. They choose fake names for themselves because they would like to keep their IM life separated from everything else they doespecially if they are only working in IM part time. Many newer as well as part time Online marketers are worried about being identified by their employers and family or friends. Of course, while you don't care about this kind of thing, it will be an important question: do you need to use a pseudonym for your online work?

Pseudonyms carry with them plenty of positive aspects. The biggest perk, by far, is being able to create an identity that is separate from your personal life and makes it easier to keep the two from merging into each other. If you work in a especially stringent or judgemental arena offline it is probably very important that you keep all of your internet activities away from their eyes and using a pseudonym will help you protect yourself from that.

Another reason that many IMers choose to use a pseudonym is the fact that it helps them if they want to develop several products in several different fields. This way they are able to make expert and niche identities for themselves that bring credibility to their businesses without having to worry about looking like a dabbler. You wont have to worry about a person saying but dont you also sell to a conflicting market? because youll be doing so under another name.

Sadly, though, often people decide on pseudonyms because they do not want to pay taxes on the money that they earn in their businesses. They imagine that if the enterprise is not conduced under their lawful names, then they won't have to worry about any of the money they earn being reported to the IRS. It is very important you don't fall for this defective logic. Even if you make money under a identify that is not your own it is still considered income and you will be held responsible for it. Beyond that, the IRS will sooner or later find out about it--everyone that tries to cheat the system fails.

It's absolutely your decision whether you use a pseudonym for your online activities. For some people it is much easier to use just one name for their "real" lives and something different for their "online" lives. Others, however, assume that using only one name makes life much easier because there are fewer things to remember.

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